Course Descriptions

All Online classes can start immediately upon enrollment because they are self paced and access is granted upon payment. Unless indicated, in person classes begin the 1st Monday of each month.

Acquisition Training

The Acquisition Team
This training provides an overview of the role and function of members of the acquisition team and steps towards achieving a high-performance team.

Conflict Resolution
This training consists of a deep dive into managing professional conflicts, getting to the root of the problem and then how to solve the conflict and rebuild the relationship.

Alternative Analysis
This training will explore ways to communicate and provide customers with alternatives to meet challenging business needs while providing customer-centric solution approach.

Communicating Effectively
This training explores and identifies ways to communicate, both verbally and in writing, clearly, professionally and effectively with the right tone, manner and language.

The Value of Listening
This training teaches methods on how to actively listen to a customer to identify their needs and wants and share tips on creating an environment conducive to listening by both parties.

Rolling class dates
Quarterly beginning January 2023
In Person Only
Customized class, contact us for more info

Customer Service Training

VLI customer service training is based on Total Quality Customer Services Management dedicated to preparing employees for all customer encounters.

Rolling class dates
Online Only
Customized class, contact us for more info


VLI’s Cybersecurity training focuses on educating staff about potential IT risks and vulnerabilities. Let VLI teach you the ability to identify any security threats that could happen when working online and with computer systems.

Rolling class dates
In Person Classroom only
Customized class, contact us for more info

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

VLI’s DEI training supports employees in understanding how best to work with other people by understanding and embracing the differences in sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality or national origin, religion, physical abilities, neurodiversity, and age. VLI’s DEI training places an emphasis on how employees and managers can be inclusive of everyone they encounter in the workplace.

Rolling class dates
Online or In Person
Customized class, contact us for more info

Excel Efficiency

VLI introduces time saving shortcuts and lesser-known functions and features to make you an Excel power user. Increase your efficiency by mouse-free use and save tons of time.

Rolling class dates Online only

Financial Modeling

VLI Step by step instruction to build a Discounted Cash Flow financial model for a real company. Covering DCF steps, forecasting, WACC, EV and more. Teaches mouse-free financial modeling in Excel.

Rolling class dates Online only

Medical Coding

VLI offers Medical coding training to help you learn the transformation of healthcare diagnosis, procedures, medical services and equipment into universal medical alphanumeric codes. Earn your CPC Certificate and be on the road to an exciting career!

Rolling class dates
1. Online only
2. Hybrid, Online self pace plus weekly Lead by a Coding Manager
3. In Person Classroom only

PowerPoint Proficiency

Designed for finance professionals, consultants and anyone looking to get the most out of PowerPoint, this game is focused on the speed. Build pitch decks in minutes by using PowerPoint mouse-free.

Rolling class dates
Online only

Professional Development and Leadership

Our PDL courses combine skills training, motor, sensory, communication, and cognitive development to improve the ability to successfully function in leadership roles, attain advanced goals, and achieve behaviors that include a wide range of skills required for purposeful, goal-oriented activities and performance improvement.

Rolling class dates In Person Only

Python Programming

LEARN Python programming BY DOING. Discover the power of Python applied to working large dataset fast and efficient. We start from basics, and then we tackle more complex calculations and data manipulation tasks.

Rolling class dates Online only


According to The Scrum GuideTM, scrum is “a lightweight framework that helps people, teams and organizations generate value through adaptive solutions for complex problems.1” Scrum is the most widely used and popular agile framework. The term agile describes a specific set of foundational principles and values for organizing and managing complex work. VLI’s Scrum Masters help you to decide which SCRUM Track is best for you.

Rolling class dates In Person or Online
Customized class, contact us for more info

Workforce Development

Strategic skills training to upskill working aged professionals for long-term success. These training courses foster prosperity for individuals, communities, and business environments in today’s workplace. Workforce Skill Development benefits participants through job satisfaction, increased productivity, upward mobility,

Rolling class dates Online

1102 Training

Let VLI be your training experts for Contracting Series, 1102. Individual Occupational Requirements. This is an individual qualification standard developed by the Office of Federal Procurement Policy under the authority of 41 U.S.C.

Quarterly beginning January 2023 In Person Only

Financial Aid

Federal Grants: Annual awards for federal need-based programs, such as Pell, SEOG and TEACH grants, range from $500 to more than $5,000.

Loans: All undergraduates enrolled in at least six credit hours per term qualify for some type of federal loan (FAFSA required). Students also may borrow funds through private sources or alternative loans.

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The Department of Career Services and Academic Coaching

The Department of Career Services and Academic Coaching serves as a bridge between academia and the working world. Here you will get in touch with professionals, and we’ll help with resumes and forming connections in the professional world.

Include here are sources to help create resumes, interview tips, internships/opportunities at VECRA or other companies via Indeed/LinkedIn.

The Career Trends shows the growth and declines of certain fields which can help serve as a guide for which classes you should take.

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