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Financial Aid: Grants & Loans

Pell Grant

Up to $2,500

Awarded on the basis of need. Award amount may vary based upon the student’s EFC and the number of credits a student is enrolled in each term. Some Pell Grant funding may be available in the summer sessions. Processing for summer financial aid begins in April. Please contact your Financial Aid counselor for more information regarding your possible aid eligibility for Summer.

3 months before start date.

How We Differ

Real time assessment and feedback loop for students

Customizations to fit exact needs

ROI calculator to show overall organizational cost savings

HR/Admin dashboard showing student progress

What Our Clients Say

“The game is fun and challenging enough to be engaging without being frustrated.”
— TD Bank, Analyst

“It provides visuals and kinesthetic learning, so it saves me a lot of time and frustration along the way.”
— PwC, Senior Associate

“I really enjoyed the gaming aspect. It was a fun and enjoyable way to learn new commands.”
— JP Morgan Chase, Associate



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